11 Little Things I Want to Remember

11 Little Things I Want to Remember


Oh boy! Grayson is one. We celebrated with a family dinner and Grayson put on a memorable cake smash performance. Quite frankly, he was ready to be one about three months ago. Walking, babbling, thinking, reading, and playing. He’s as little as he is big. Mighty and tall. Small and cuddly. Always up for an outing. And always up for a nap on my chest.

Here are some of the small moments that made this one big year.

  1. Little hands turning the pages of a book
  2. Rearranging the furniture at the library
  3. Touching a starfish from the ocean
  4. People-watching at the frozen yogurt store
  5. Throwing his bottle like a ‘mic drop’
  6. Growling and howling when he gets excited
  7. Waddling to the door when dad gets home
  8. Sleeping at the grocery store like a kangaroo
  9. Doing his nightly and morning “chores”
  10. Stroller naps on the beach in Balboa
  11. Smiling on the swings at the park

Welcome to toddlerhood, little one.